Protected Vehicles, Inc. (PVI) was incorporated in Delaware in 2005, and is a closely held corporation. PVI conducts its business operations in North Charleston, South Carolina.
PVI designs and manufactures ballistic and blast protected vehicles using technology derived from Rhodesian and South African vehicle development programs carried out from 1970 through 1994, US High Technology as well as US DoD technology developments. The Company has approximately 600,000 sq. ft. of industrial space on the former Charleston Naval Base with equipment for heavy metal fabrication capable of cutting; bending and manufacturing; enabling complete onsite fabrication of our capsules. This includes 1,000 Ton Press Brakes; 500 Ton Shears; multiple plasma cutting tables; and 50 Ton Cranes linked to a fully equipped process cellular manufacturing space. In addition we have full access to a heavily equipped machine facility (175,000 sq. ft.), including a $15M RAMP system, immediately adjacent to our buildings. Manufacturing expansion capacity is available.

Our business strategy includes:

  • We undertake Contract Manufacturing.
  • We are a fully DCAA Auditable facility, utilizing MAS500.
  • We utilize technology with design and special materials with skilled welders to create ballistic and blast protected vehicle capsules, which are capable of withstanding or reducing the explosive effect of landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other threats encountered in wars, insurgency and urban conflicts.
  • Our capsules are specifically designed to be able to mount and dismount add-on armor upgrades to meet a variety of threats.
  • We integrate commercial American made automotive drive-trains and other components into the capsules to produce Commercial Off-the-Shelf wheeled vehicles which have a high level of commonality with the existing U.S. military fleet and which can be repaired and maintained by traditional automotive mechanics and technicians.
  • We use planning, outsourcing and supply-chain management to offset the highly cyclic nature of our business, which is demand-driven (i.e., based primarily on direct orders) and paced by long-lead materials and components.
  • We differentiate from most of our competitors by being American Made, by continuously improving our technology and systems, by providing our customers with well-supported products, and by emphasizing our blast protection and add-on armor upgrade characteristics.

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